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You found yourself in this place, so you care about building and maintaining your company's strong position in the market. Surely you are looking for innovative solutions and fresh, creative ideas that will help your company be one step ahead of the competition.

Broader perspective of looking allows you to see more opportunities for dynamic growth. While the knowledge, skills and experience help you make the best use of good market opportunities for success. We share this view, and therefore we are even more pleased to welcome you to our website.

As an advertising agency with over 16 years of experience in the market, we know how much different are the challenges, which our clients are facing in the business. That's why we offer a wide range of marketing services that can be individualized to your current and future needs. We implement marketing plans in whole or in particular stages: starting from the organization of small and large promotional campaigns, conferences and events, up to carrying out multi-channel advertising campaign.

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Running a business, just like you, we realize how precious the time of our customers is. That's why we offer comprehensive solutions as outsourced marketing services. These include the development of a multi-dimensional marketing strategy and implementation plan. We also provide the active coordination of the implementation strategy.

Great support for the above actions is a department dealing with advertising gadgets. The offer you will find more than 10 000 suggestions of finished products, which can become an effective advertising tool for your business. Our experts in advertising and marketing will help you in choosing the right gadget that will fit both the specificity of the industry, and meet the needs of the target group. Working directly with factories in Europe and the Far East, we can offer products made according to the individual project. These gadgets are tailored to fulfill their function, like a well-tailored suit.

Projects TechMedia

During 16 years of operation thanks to the determination and consequences in pursuing a goals, as well as taking care for the high standard of services, we have won the most valuable capital - the recognition and trust of many customers. We work with global and nationwide companies and organizations, such as Ryanair, Pepsi, Oriflame, Royal Canin, Raiffeisen Bank, Getin Bank, Sephora, Douglas, Sitech, NGK, Huawei, Danone, Holiday Inn, Nordea, Microsoft, GAP, RAY-BAN, Samsung, Renault, LG, TomTom, mobile networks: T-mobile, Orange and many more.

We will be pleased to welcome you among our customers.

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