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Few years back it's was more simple to encourage consumers to purchase products. Today's market is more mature. This is characterized by more dynamic, intense and continuously evolving competition. It is a more dynamic struggle to maintain a position in the market. To acquire customers and create loyalty, there are many steps to promote a product, create a brand and boost sales.

This continuous innovation, customers high demands, and enormous competition, makes it difficult for many companies to maintain their position and, in some cases, to continue business. This is why marketing support is one of the key factors that makes any company successful and recognizable. Appropriate marketing, supports business and puts it on the right track and accelerates its success.


Advertising Agency - experience

Product to be noticed and desired, the manufacturer must work with the customer, to understand their needs, ideas and expectations of the product. Our Advertising Agency has more than 15 years of experience , and knows the challenges of today's market. Thanks to the knowledge acquired over a decade of experience, we are able to offer a wide range of marketing services, that our specialists choose specifically for your preferences and current needs. Successively, we can execute marketing strategies, advertising campaigns, or promotional actions for clients, which make up the complex communication process. To help you with these difficult activities, we offer comprehensive outsourcing solutions for marketing services. We deal with the overall development of the company's marketing strategies and their implementation, and coordinate the implementation of the individual stages of the strategies.


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Advertising gadgets are a great tool to support your marketing efforts. Our offer has been enriched by more than 40,000 new ready-to-use gadgets that can be found on our website. Promotional and advertising specialists are able to match the appropriate advertising medium for each industry to help your business be well recognized.

To stand out in the consumer market we recommend the so-called personalized gadgets that will be designed individually for a promotional or advertising campaign. This action will distinguish and separate your business from the convention of duplicating gadgets ideas of other companies. Innovative solutions that are characterized by TechMedia will help your business to succeed and will be permanently associated with your company.


By constantly gaining knowledge and broadening our horizons, we are able to face even the most demanding clients and their expectations, which is confirmed by the boundless ingenuity and fast-paced action we are taking. Satisfaction and recognition of the customers who trust us are very important to us. Success of each company we worked with is treated as a reward for our work. We cooperate with such well-known brands, companies and institutions as: Pepsi, Huawei, Orange, Danone, Holiday Inn, Nordea, Microsoft, Samsung, Renault, Audi, Oriflame, LG, TomTom, Rossmann, Sephora, Douglas, Santander, Getin Bank, Itaka, mobile networks Play, Orange and many more.


Advertising Agency

At TechMedia we work with passion, commitment and determination, keeping in mind balance between the different aspects of the execution of the order. Your success motivates us to continue to work and the next gained experience help us to become better, more precise and irreplaceable.

We will be happy to support you and be by your side on the road to your success.

We will be pleased to cooperate with you
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