Laser Engraving

Engraved Gifts

It is characterized by an elegant and aesthetic design, it is much more durable than other methods of marking, and is not destroyed by chemical agents. Devices we use enable us to permanent marking different surfaces. This allows their widespread use in each sector on the market.

Laser engraver can be placed on objects made of different materials such as paper, foil, leather, rubber, wood, aluminum, ceramics, glass, plexiglas, engraving laminates and many, many more.

The use of laser engraving allows for very interesting and attractive visual effects, which vary according to the material on which they are implemented.

Laser technology allows for the design and implementation of a very original and unique gift items. Statuettes, trophies, and awards of all types with laser engraving, stamps, nameplates, information signs, signboards, price presenters, packaging, decorations and greeting cards, diplomas and many more.

All services related to laser engraving we make in our own Laser Center, which significantly shortens the orders execution time, and the omission of dealers enables us to offer you competitive prices.

We encourage you to send a non-binding inquiry about the cost of engraving by e-mail at the email address: or using the ready form available here.

For precise valuation service, please provide:

  • Actual size of engraved surface
  • A draft in format .cdr, .eps, .jpg
  • The amount of the printing
  • Description of the material to be engraved specifying the thickness


Grawerowanie laminatów

Starting price: $0.25

Laminaty grawerskie to specjalny rodzaj tworzywa dwuwarstwowego. Warstwa wierzchnia jest w różnych kolorach, a spód w kolorze kontrastowym. Dzięki temu podczas grawerowania laser zdejmuje...

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Grawerowanie drewna

Starting price: $0.25

Drewno to bardzo wdzięczny materiał do grawerowania laserowego. Każdy gatunek drewna ma swoje specyficzne właściwości w związku z tym każdy graweruje się inaczej, ale każdy wykonany rysunek czy...

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