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The offer posted on the website www.tech-media.plis addressed only to the companies, institutions and to the sole traders. TechMedia Company does not sell single pieces of articles presented on the pages, unless they are their samples. Customers interested in retail sale are welcome to visit the website www.fototrendy.pl, which supports the branch of Tech-Media Company.

Please send the inquiries about the product or the offer to the address biuro@tech-media.pl, by fax +48 22 122-13-01 or via the query form.
Please send the orders to the address biuro@tech-media.pl or by fax + 48 22 122-13-01.
Order’s realization time is always given in the price offer which is sent to you.

Terms of payment

Prepayment is charged before processing an order. Prepayment is payable by bank transfer or in person on the basis of issued pro-forma invoice.
In the case of long-term cooperation, we offer our customers invoices with postponed payments, after sending the required documents and signing the applicable corporate contract.


The prices on the website are net prices and do not include VAT of 23%.A posted price of products and souvenirs does not include the cost of marking, printing, personalization - unless it has been clearly marked. To know more about prices of marking and personalization please contact us by phone +48 22 122-13-00 e-mail or through a query form available in the contact section.
Prepared individual price calculation is valid for 7 days. After this date the validity of the offer should be confirmed..
We reserve the right to change the prices shown on the pages www.tech-media.pl without notice in the event of significant changes in exchange rates, changes in tariff rates, VAT rates, or changes in the purchase price.
Presented prices on the pages have been placed for informational purposes and do not constitute an offer within the meaning of the Civil Code.
Presented rates are per specified batch of products, not per single units. For larger orders we always prepare individual offer and it is possible to negotiate the proposed prices.

Terms of delivery

Delivery date confirmed by TechMedia when placing an order is a deadline and it binds both parties. However, in case of unexpected random events, we reserve the right to change a deadline after prior consultation with the client.
Collection of goods shall be done by purchaser’s own transport or through the Polish Post and the shipping company at the expense of the customer - unless stated otherwise in the offer.
Due to technical reasons, in case of small articles, we reserve the right to provide +/- 5% of the amount of goods ordered. Cost of the goods being the sample and its costs of the transport are covered by the recipient - unless stated otherwise in the offer.
We reserve the right to withhold the shipment of goods when recipient did not meet the financial obligations of previous deliveries.
Upon receiving the goods delivered by the shipping please check the contents of the shipment immediately and in the case of its damage please write down the complaint protocol in the presence of the courier.


The purchaser is obliged to check whether the delivered goods are consistent with the terms of the agreement, in the event of any inconsistency purchaser shall immediately report this fact to us, make a complaint protocol and send it to us by fax or email, no later than 7 days from the date of delivery. At the time of receipt of the notification, the complaint will be immediately investigated and we will take appropriate steps in order to settle it.


Despite doing our best, we cannot guarantee that published on www.tech-media.pl specifications and product images do not contain deficiencies or errors, which still cannot be legal basis for the claims or complaints. If you find any errors, please report to the technical department via e-mail.
Products shown in the pictures and their colors may be slightly different from the actual appearance due to the technology of the display on the monitor. There is always a possibility of agreeing with the sales department the technical details and the natural colors of the product, including sending its samples to you.

If you have any questions or doubts or you do not know which product/gift to choose or what type of marking apply, please contact with us. We can help and give you advice.

We are looking forward to doing business with you
Tech-Media Team

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