Advertising Gadgets

Advertising Gadgets

Advertising gadgets given as a promotional gift are the most effective and great promotional tool you need for successful advertising campaign. They are well received, can be used daily and most important they are cost effective. If you choose this type of advertising, you can be sure that you will raise your brand awareness over a long period and you will earn the recipients gratitude and loyalty. You can find over 40.000 gadgets on our website. On each product we can print logo, advertising quote, your business details and more.


Starting price: $1.94

stainless steel ball pen in 4 writing colours in a decorative stand. Beautifies every desk.

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Garden set, 7 pcs ″Botanic″

Starting price: $8.71

7 piece gardening set BOTANIC , consists of a rake, 2 shovels, secateurs, wire and spray bottle, packed in a canvas bag with pockets on the outside and strengthened handle

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Keyholder, assorted colours

Starting price: $0.46

Key pouch HOME with a zip and key ring, 5 different colours assorted

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Shoe care set ″Polish″,7ps,,black

Starting price: $4.22

7 piece shoe cleaning set POLISH , consists of 3 wooden brushes, lint brush, cleaning cloth, sponge and colourless shoe polish, packed in a zip pouch

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Picnic bas.w.porce. dishes″Central Park″

Starting price: $64.68

Picnic basket CENTRAL PARK with shoulder strap, includes porcelain dishes for 2 persons, cutlery, flask and a table cloth

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Starting price: $13.56

Mark Twain - high-quality metal writing set Mississippi, consisting of a black ink ball pen and a blue ink fountain pen. Presented in a box*.

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Rosewood pen set in stylish case.

Starting price: $6.96

Wooden writing set consisting of a blue-writing ball pen with metal system refill and a fountain pen including a blue cartridge in a wooden box *with ball pen stand.

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Mark Twain writing set ′′Louisiana′′

Starting price: $11.43

Mark Twain luxury gift set Louisiana includes metal rollerball with blue ink and a ball pen with black ink. Supplied in an attractive box*.

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BBQ set w. silver aluminium case ″Roast″

Starting price: $13.48

Stainless steel barbecue cutlery ROAST , consists of a spatula, grill fork and grill tong, packed in a silver case with carrying handle and hinge-joint

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Picnic backpack, 4 P., blue ″Hyde Park″

Starting price: $61.94

Picnic rucksack HYDE PARK for 4 persons with built-in cooler bag, includes cutlery, plastic dishes and wine glasses, cheese knife, waiter´s knife, fabric napkins, salt and pepper mill and cutting...

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CrisMa desk set with 4 highlighters

Starting price: $5.81

CrisMa design stand with 4 metal highlighters with long-lasting liquid refill. A highlight on every desk, that has won several international awards!

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43 psc. tool set ″Masterkit″

Starting price: $29.56

42 piece tool set MASTERKIT with a red and black design, packed in a case

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